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The Patria Nostra Association

The Patria Nostra Association connects former concentration camps inmates, their offspring, and legal advisers. Together, we strive to attain justice and truth about Polish history.

Patria Nostra is an independent, apolitical, non-profit organization. We provide legal aid in court cases in Poland, Germany and other European countries.

The Association is presided over by Janina Luberda-Zapaśnik, medical doctor and former prisoner of the Lebrechtsdorf extermination camp (today Potulice), and Lech Obara, lawyer and social activist.

Our visual identification refers to the marking of inmates of German concentration camps. Janina Luberda-Zapaśnik and Karol Tendera, whom Patria Nostra supports in their current court cases, had a red triangle attached to their striped uniforms.

Patria Nostra prevents foreign media from misrepresenting history of Poland, especially from spreading nonfactual information about participation of Polish nationals in the creation of WWII concentration camps.

The Association promotes and develops the legal doctrine of the idea of protecting Personality Rights connected with participation in a national community, including the sense of national identity, national dignity and the right to respect for the truth about the history of Poland.