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German politicians do not avoid responsibility for the Holocaust

At the beginning of February 2018, the most important German politicians publicly acknowledged several times that Germany was fully responsible for the Holocaust.

The German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said:

Poland can be assured that any attempt at falsifying history, as in the phrase “Polish concentration camps”, will be clearly and decisively rejected by us. There is no doubt who was responsible for the concentration camps. This organised mass murder was committed by our people and by no one else. If there were single collaborators, they do not change anything here.

That was also confirmed by the German Ambassador to Poland, Rolf Nikel:

The intention of Nazi Germany was to murder Jews and Poles and to destroy their culture. We must take full responsibility for that. The crimes of non-German individuals do not change that.

Angela Merkel, German Chancellor, said:

As Germans we are responsible for what happened during the Holocaust. Responsibility for the concentration camps lies with the Germans. That responsibility continues and is taken over by every successive government.