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History of the Patria Nostra Association

The beginnings of our activity date back to 2009, when Mr. Zbigniew Osewski and his representative Law Firm of Legal Advisers “Lech Obara i Współpracownicy” prepared and then brought to the Regional Court in Warsaw a lawsuit against Axel Springer AG. The „Die Welt” Publisher was sued for their notorious use of the phrase „Polish camps” in reference to the former German Nazi concentration camps built on the territory of the occupied Poland.

Information about „Polish camps” has been published in various foreign media, in spite of official protests and thousands of diplomatic notes. No actions of the Polish diplomats, even though important and needed, have proven effective so far.

Therefore, the Patria Nostra Association was founded in 2012. Its goal is to broaden the scope of Polish interventions, especially by introducing large-scale lawsuits against unreliable publishers. View the details of the cases.